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#swphx08 What?

So I spend the day making her happy.  I walk on a leash, I heel, I don’t run away in the park, and I only swim in the Indian School Park lake for a short time before I haul myself out and accompany her around the park. (She immediately puts me on restrictions — the leash).

Then I sit for lunch, sit for dinner, sit for my snack. I endure the Monte the puppy who snorts and snores and lays on my bed on his back like an insect.

I wait for her in the window until she gets home from Phoenix Startup Weekend. I even learn the hashtag #swphx08.

Then I discover this photo on her iPhone. And the worst thing about it is that I love this Ed guy. He LOVES dogs. I know he does.  He should have known better than to take her away on a Friday night and get her all dirty so I have to clean her up again.

She SAYS it was business. How can beer and pizza and all these other peeps be business.

Oh, and there’s a dog park in Chandler, too. Do you think she even takes us there? Not on your life. She goes to Chander alone. And we go to the place where we have to heel and walk on a leash after we get out of the lake.

Startup Weekend? Never heard that word before. Sponsor? Don’t know what it means. I can only tell you it isn’t food and I have to clean Mommis all day tomorrow.

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