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Thanksgiving in Half Moon Bay: Wasn’t Dull

Me and Paunnie are back in Half Moon Bay again! How wonderful.  We love it here, but we hate the trips.

We had to ride all night in the back of the car to get to Mommis in time for Thanksgiving. Jerry and Jamie brought us, and I didn’t pee the whole trip. Then just as we were almost at Mommis’ house after meeting her at Starbucks, we ran out of gas. I started to cry in the car because I had to go so bad.

While we were waiting for Uncle Nell to come with a gas can,  Mommis got out and walked me near the side of the road, and that made me feel better, and Paunnie, too. But it wasn’t a REAL walk, if you know what I mean. Just a taste.

Yeah, Mommis fed us when we got to the house, but then she started burning the top of the stove and we never did go for a walk. Finally she got it all cleaned up and put something in a container and was ready to take us. By that time I had given up and I was asleep.

Waiting for Mommis
Waiting for Mommis

But once we got on a trail, I woke right up, because the horses were there!  Peeps were riding them right on the trail and we had to turn around and go up another trail. Then Mommis and Paunnie went on over the trail to the park, but I didn’t. I’m not telling you what I did, because I don’t want Mommis to know.

When she got home with Paunnie, there I was, panta-panta but inside the house. Jerry and Jamie were asleep, so she couldn’t figure out how I got there. She was glad to see me, though. She gave me a treat. She told me she and Paunnie were yelling “Buppily, here Buppily,” all along the trail.

Then she told me that Bemmie, the chow who lived with her before I came, did something like that to her once on the Biltmore Golf Course when she lived in the big building near Starbucks. He got away from her on the golf course and went home by himself, all the way across Camelback Road, which has six lanes! When she got home he was sitting in the lobby with the doorman.

I’m thankful to be in Half Moon Bay. Mommis is thankful I am home.

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Matt Mullenweg Stole Mommis

Mommis failed us today. She got up at 5:00 this morning, even before we did. She took a shower and got ready and fed us, but then she got her laptop and left before it was light. She didn’t come home again until it was already dark.

Things we had today:

breakfast and dinner. Uncle Dan came over with Bluey at 5:00 tonight for a sleepover and he fed us.

Water. She left it for us before she left.

Things we didn’t have:

our run in the park in the morning.



A way to take our nap on Mommis’s bed this afternoon. We didn’t get in the Situation Room at all. That’s because she closed the door to it before she left. Because of Montis, who is eating things.

So she comes home at 7:30 tonight and she gives us our snack and tells us she met the man who makes my blog. She said he was very nice and his mother has little dogs. She said he always had big dogs but he though his Mommis should have small dogs because of her shoulder.

Our Mommis didn’t tell him that we pulled out her hip and she had to have it replaced by titanium. She doesn’t like to admit that stuff.

She said he was “a sweetheart.” That’s what she calls us. We conferred, and we are jealous.

Luckily, she opened the door to the Situation Room.

But we are still not talking to her.3044300101_695700d20e She’s on our blacklist until we see how she acts when she gets up tomorrow morning.  We will re-evaluate if we go to the park with Aunt Caroline.

The guy who makes blogs? We are pretty sure he’s a competitor and not a partner.

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Almost Time to Go Back to Half Moon Bay!!! Yay!

We are getting ready to go up to Half Moon Bay for Thanksgiving and Christmas and to see our new cousin Flutter, who is due on Dec. 1.  Cousin Flutter is a humam, and he will have a humam name, but right now he’s code-named Flutter.

Last summer we had a cousin puppy whose name was Tailkey last summer. Now it’s something like Toll House Cookie. And we hear he’s big. I can’t wait to see him.

This is what Uncle Ed took last summer of me trying to get Tailkey back to Mommis and Auntie Belle.

Jerry is going to drive us up. We will take some Ambien so we can sleep on the trip, which is long.

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The Saga of the Unders

On Monday morning, Mommis woke up very early and left to go visit RIley in Utah. This was not fair. Monti knew it.

We took a pair of her unders out on the back patio and played with them for a while, and then we took a bunch of shoes out of her closet, too.

Jerry found the shoes when he came home from work, and put them back in her closet. By that time, it was too late for the unders.

Tuesday afternoon, Mommis looked out on the back patio and saw half a pair of unders.  She blamed me. She should know I only like to take them out there and hug them and smell them.  Maybe I put a little hole in them, but I never really eat them.

Wednesday morning Monti started barfing wildly. We thought he was hung over from the election. But then he started throwing up everything we gave him. One of the reversals had a big piece of under in it.

Mommis guess it. She apologized to me. Jamie called the vet, who said to keep Monti off food and water for 24 hours. Monti was really miz anyway; he was barfing everything up that he ate. Auntie Belle diagnosed it as pancreatitis from eating a piece of cheese. Everybody got in on the doctor act.

Now it’s Thursday morning. Monti is finally given a little water.

Five minutes later, he poops on the Oriental rug. And out comes — the rest of the unders!

He feels fine now. I bet Mommis will never go to see Riley again.riley1