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Matt Mullenweg Stole Mommis

Mommis failed us today. She got up at 5:00 this morning, even before we did. She took a shower and got ready and fed us, but then she got her laptop and left before it was light. She didn’t come home again until it was already dark.

Things we had today:

breakfast and dinner. Uncle Dan came over with Bluey at 5:00 tonight for a sleepover and he fed us.

Water. She left it for us before she left.

Things we didn’t have:

our run in the park in the morning.



A way to take our nap on Mommis’s bed this afternoon. We didn’t get in the Situation Room at all. That’s because she closed the door to it before she left. Because of Montis, who is eating things.

So she comes home at 7:30 tonight and she gives us our snack and tells us she met the man who makes my blog. She said he was very nice and his mother has little dogs. She said he always had big dogs but he though his Mommis should have small dogs because of her shoulder.

Our Mommis didn’t tell him that we pulled out her hip and she had to have it replaced by titanium. She doesn’t like to admit that stuff.

She said he was “a sweetheart.” That’s what she calls us. We conferred, and we are jealous.

Luckily, she opened the door to the Situation Room.

But we are still not talking to her.3044300101_695700d20e She’s on our blacklist until we see how she acts when she gets up tomorrow morning.  We will re-evaluate if we go to the park with Aunt Caroline.

The guy who makes blogs? We are pretty sure he’s a competitor and not a partner.

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