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Happy New Year

The Tree Went Away
The Tree Went Away

Cousin Emily and Charley are here, and the helped us take down the Christmas tree today. I’m bummed; I loved climbing it and trying to get the orns off.  I ate almost all the lower ones; the only ones left were the ones I couldn’t reach. Mommis used to call Auntie Belle every day when she came home from Pilates and give the orn report.

At the very top of the tree were a bunch of rawhide bones that Uncle Bradley had given us for Christmas.  We already ate seven of the twelve one night when Mommis sent out to dinner and we found them hiding in her closet. So there were only three left to be orns on the tree. When the tree came down, we got them for lunch! They had red ribbons on them, but Mommis took them off this time.  The ones we ate out of her closet, we left the ribbons on.  The ribbons weren’t very good.

P.S. Mommis had a party last night and a baby came. His name was Milan and he came at me under the table. He is a puppy. But he scared me and I barked at him and I got put in the bedroom. It wasn’t MY fault! Most people don’t come after me under the dining room table. Just their feet.  But his head came, too, and his whole body, and he was standing up!

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Merry Christmas, But…

Shorn within an inch of my life
Shorn within an inch of my life

There’s been a terrible mistake.  Mommis took me to some woman who sheared me like a sheep. I am having one long continuous nightmarish bad hair day ever since.

I am now the smallest of all four dogs. Taylor seems huge next to me, and he’s a puppy.

The woman said I was matted, but I know she shaved me because I barked in her store when other people came in and lots of people came in.

I was so mortified when I got home that I couldn’t go outside and I hid under the dinner table.

This ploy worked; we all got pieces of steak last night; I know it was because Auntie Belle was worried about my depression.

The woman ruined Paunnie, too.  He looks like a lawn newly mowed by a 7-year old.  He has long strips and short strips. But he doesn’t care. I care. I was boofnoo before. Now I’m Lammy Pammy again.

Merry Christmas.  I’m going back to sleep to try to forget.

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She Gets Mad at Me for Nothing

She put this package under the Christmas tree and then she left the house. She didn’t even notice that I took it out in the back yard until the next morning, when she stared outside and saw how I did get it open and I got the cover off it.

But I didn’t eat the book. She can still read it. She wants to. It’s Malcolm Gladwell’s new book, and that cute kid Sammy who was here over the weekend gave it to her for Christmas. He won’t mind. He liked me.

Mommis Can Still Read this Book
Mommis Can Still Read this Book

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Christmas Tree for Me

Our tree has no orns on the bottom. Is that my fault?
Our tree has no orns on the bottom. Is that my fault?

On Sunday we got our Christmas tree. And then Mommis put the toys on it and the lights. The lights are pretty, but the toys are gold and silver and I love them. They are little ballies.

So when Mommis left for Pilates on Monday morning, I took a few of the ballies off to play with them. I took them outside like we do with the other ballies. And I left one on the back deck. They don’t bounce, and they don’t taste good either. And you have to carry them carefully so they don’t break.

I didn’t think I broke them, but look what Mommis did with them when she came home.img_0554 Something must be wrong with them.

So then she moved them all, and she put the stockings where they used to be. The stockings REALLY don’t taste good. And I think the tree doesn’t look very good anymore.

Mommis was a little mad, too. I think that might be why she bought me and Paunnie the new collars that choke us when we pull on her.

I finally think I figured it out. I don’t pull her.

Christmas is weird.  Ballies you can’t play with or chew, funny lights, and a new collar that strangles me. Is this supposed to be fun?

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My New WordPress is like the Beach!

photo-5 Oh man, me and Mommis had the best day! It was kind of a slow start, because Mommis had to go to Pilates and the Farmer’s Market, but then she came home and got us and we went fimmin’ at Mavericks.

It was a beautiful day and there were lots of dogs on the beach, and I got to swim and swallow water and cough again. I love that.

When we got home, Mommis and I explored the new release of my blog! The boy who made it is my friend. He said it would be easier to use, and it is! Now I think even a puppy could have a blog by himself. I started this blog when I was a puppy, but now I’m really a dog.

Today I took out the camcorder and laid it out on the bedroom rug. I was trying to figure out how to play with it. Or if it was something to eat. Mommis was not thrilled. Last night she went to see some Christmas lights and carols, and I played with her sunglasses. One of the earpieces just fell off. I don’t know why.

You probably can’t tell from the front, but from behind the blog there’s a big difference. All the stuff to do is on the left, where I can see it.  And it looks like a regular web site, not like software. I think I can see how to do everything.

The only thing? When I’m writing if I want to do something else, like look at the tools, I have to save it first so when I leave the page I won’t lose my blog. I’ll do that now because I live in the present.

OK. I did it. I looked at the tools, and I found Gears. I enabled it. What does that mean I did?

And I saw that Mommis can put her Typepad blog into WordPress now, but she probably has to give up her Stealthmode layout, so she might now.

Oh, Mommis loves this new WordPress.

But I hear someone coming down the street, and I’d better go to the window and bark. I wouldn’t want anyone to come and attack Mommis after I just got done cleaning her.

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The Zen of Fimmin’

Ever since I found out I was a water dog I have loved to fim. It’s a little tough when my fur is too long, but I can still get it going. A couple of days ago Auntie Belle told Mommis we should go to Mori Point in Pacifica, where there’s a trail along the ocean and a golf course, and some little ponds. Bo likes to belly flop into the ponds, so we went there, and Bo flopped in, but Mommis forgot to take the picture.

So then we walked further, and there was another, bigger pond, and we all went in.

Now you can see how much Tailkey has grown.  He looks like a real dog, not a puppy now. But isn’t he skinny?

And you can see from the pictures that I didn’t want to come out. Later we went back to the little pond and jumped in again, and then I didn’t feel like coming out, so I didn’t. I just fimmed and fimmed around the perimeter of the pond and I didn’t even listen to Mommis when she called my by ANY of my names. I only came out when she turned her back on me and I could see she was really leaving.

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