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The Zen of Fimmin’

Ever since I found out I was a water dog I have loved to fim. It’s a little tough when my fur is too long, but I can still get it going. A couple of days ago Auntie Belle told Mommis we should go to Mori Point in Pacifica, where there’s a trail along the ocean and a golf course, and some little ponds. Bo likes to belly flop into the ponds, so we went there, and Bo flopped in, but Mommis forgot to take the picture.

So then we walked further, and there was another, bigger pond, and we all went in.

Now you can see how much Tailkey has grown.  He looks like a real dog, not a puppy now. But isn’t he skinny?

And you can see from the pictures that I didn’t want to come out. Later we went back to the little pond and jumped in again, and then I didn’t feel like coming out, so I didn’t. I just fimmed and fimmed around the perimeter of the pond and I didn’t even listen to Mommis when she called my by ANY of my names. I only came out when she turned her back on me and I could see she was really leaving.

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One thought on “The Zen of Fimmin’

  1. Ah Buppy, you have absolutely the best mommis! she takes you on great adventures and doesn’t care if you get all wet and sloppy! You be sure to give her special kisses when she takes you places like this and I’ll bet she will keep doing it! I can’t show my dogs your pictures, they would be so jealous, they love doing the same things but can’t right now. Soon though and maybe they’ll send you pictures of their adventures! Oh by the way, till I saw the pictures I didn’t know what fimmin’ was, now it is very clear.

    Your fan,

    Ginger & her redheads

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