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My New WordPress is like the Beach!

photo-5 Oh man, me and Mommis had the best day! It was kind of a slow start, because Mommis had to go to Pilates and the Farmer’s Market, but then she came home and got us and we went fimmin’ at Mavericks.

It was a beautiful day and there were lots of dogs on the beach, and I got to swim and swallow water and cough again. I love that.

When we got home, Mommis and I explored the new release of my blog! The boy who made it is my friend. He said it would be easier to use, and it is! Now I think even a puppy could have a blog by himself. I started this blog when I was a puppy, but now I’m really a dog.

Today I took out the camcorder and laid it out on the bedroom rug. I was trying to figure out how to play with it. Or if it was something to eat. Mommis was not thrilled. Last night she went to see some Christmas lights and carols, and I played with her sunglasses. One of the earpieces just fell off. I don’t know why.

You probably can’t tell from the front, but from behind the blog there’s a big difference. All the stuff to do is on the left, where I can see it.  And it looks like a regular web site, not like software. I think I can see how to do everything.

The only thing? When I’m writing if I want to do something else, like look at the tools, I have to save it first so when I leave the page I won’t lose my blog. I’ll do that now because I live in the present.

OK. I did it. I looked at the tools, and I found Gears. I enabled it. What does that mean I did?

And I saw that Mommis can put her Typepad blog into WordPress now, but she probably has to give up her Stealthmode layout, so she might now.

Oh, Mommis loves this new WordPress.

But I hear someone coming down the street, and I’d better go to the window and bark. I wouldn’t want anyone to come and attack Mommis after I just got done cleaning her.

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