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Christmas Tree for Me

Our tree has no orns on the bottom. Is that my fault?
Our tree has no orns on the bottom. Is that my fault?

On Sunday we got our Christmas tree. And then Mommis put the toys on it and the lights. The lights are pretty, but the toys are gold and silver and I love them. They are little ballies.

So when Mommis left for Pilates on Monday morning, I took a few of the ballies off to play with them. I took them outside like we do with the other ballies. And I left one on the back deck. They don’t bounce, and they don’t taste good either. And you have to carry them carefully so they don’t break.

I didn’t think I broke them, but look what Mommis did with them when she came home.img_0554 Something must be wrong with them.

So then she moved them all, and she put the stockings where they used to be. The stockings REALLY don’t taste good. And I think the tree doesn’t look very good anymore.

Mommis was a little mad, too. I think that might be why she bought me and Paunnie the new collars that choke us when we pull on her.

I finally think I figured it out. I don’t pull her.

Christmas is weird.  Ballies you can’t play with or chew, funny lights, and a new collar that strangles me. Is this supposed to be fun?

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