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Merry Christmas, But…

Shorn within an inch of my life
Shorn within an inch of my life

There’s been a terrible mistake.  Mommis took me to some woman who sheared me like a sheep. I am having one long continuous nightmarish bad hair day ever since.

I am now the smallest of all four dogs. Taylor seems huge next to me, and he’s a puppy.

The woman said I was matted, but I know she shaved me because I barked in her store when other people came in and lots of people came in.

I was so mortified when I got home that I couldn’t go outside and I hid under the dinner table.

This ploy worked; we all got pieces of steak last night; I know it was because Auntie Belle was worried about my depression.

The woman ruined Paunnie, too.  He looks like a lawn newly mowed by a 7-year old.  He has long strips and short strips. But he doesn’t care. I care. I was boofnoo before. Now I’m Lammy Pammy again.

Merry Christmas.  I’m going back to sleep to try to forget.

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