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Happy New Year

The Tree Went Away
The Tree Went Away

Cousin Emily and Charley are here, and the helped us take down the Christmas tree today. I’m bummed; I loved climbing it and trying to get the orns off.  I ate almost all the lower ones; the only ones left were the ones I couldn’t reach. Mommis used to call Auntie Belle every day when she came home from Pilates and give the orn report.

At the very top of the tree were a bunch of rawhide bones that Uncle Bradley had given us for Christmas.  We already ate seven of the twelve one night when Mommis sent out to dinner and we found them hiding in her closet. So there were only three left to be orns on the tree. When the tree came down, we got them for lunch! They had red ribbons on them, but Mommis took them off this time.  The ones we ate out of her closet, we left the ribbons on.  The ribbons weren’t very good.

P.S. Mommis had a party last night and a baby came. His name was Milan and he came at me under the table. He is a puppy. But he scared me and I barked at him and I got put in the bedroom. It wasn’t MY fault! Most people don’t come after me under the dining room table. Just their feet.  But his head came, too, and his whole body, and he was standing up!

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