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She Left

Mommis left for India today. I am already lonely.

And last night Paunnie spent the night in the hospital, and I was supposed to take care of Mommis but Monti wouldn’t let me on the bed! He slept right next to Mommis all night long, even though his parents were home.

Paunnie ate a bone about a month ago and it’s still in his tummer. Mommis saw it in an X-ray. Paun was vomiting for a couple of days, so Mommis took him in before she left to make sure nothing was wrong.  She thought something was wrong because Paunnie usually cleans up his throwup right after he does it, but he left this out on the rug for her to see (and clean). She saw a piece of tennis ball come up.

On the X-ray, the vet saw the bone. They kept him overnight to see if he vomited again, but he didn’t. So he came home. The vet told Mommis (for $356) that either it would come out one way or the other or it wouldn’t. And that he would either die with it in him, or if he started vomiting again they would take it out.

Seems like there’s a 50-50 chance of everything. Mommis is not amused. I’m going to try to be good while she’s in India.

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