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I’m a Co-Worker

Co working with Mommis
Co working with Mommis

This was a fun week. Mommis took us to work with her one day and we got to co-work at Gangplank and be with her at her class in Gilbert. And we went to yoga, where they love dogs. Paunnie said we shouldn’t bark, so we didn’t, and we didn’t pull Mommis around in front of her friends, either. She was proud of us because we acted like we were trained.

In the GIlbert class, a woman who trains dogs massaged Paunnie and said she thought he was sore and maybe he has arthritis. Mommis is going to take him to the doctor. But he seems happy and fine. He never tells me anything’s wrong, and I think I would know..

That was a long day the day we went to co-work and class and yoga. I was tired, and I went right to sleep next to Mommis on the bed. But the next day we went nowhere, and I was bored. When I’m bored, the toidy paper is always a good way to amuse myself. This time I used the roll in the back bathroom, so Mommis didn’t find out about it until much later.jpeg-image-600x800-pixels-scaled-76

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25 Random Things About Me

I hate memes, but Mommis said I had to do this:

1)I don’t know who I am. I’m still waiting for my DNA test to come back and tell me if I am pure golden, or have some chow in me

2)I bark at little children. They’re a funny size, and that scares me.

3)I hate Embark, even if it is expensive and good for me.

4)I love Mommis’s Wacoal bras.

5)I enjoy them most in the back yard.

6) There’s something in the pampas grass outside our house, and I’m gonna find out what it is, if I have to go out there every day ahd look.

7) I love our walks with Auntie Carolyn

8) Our friend Auntie Carolyn is The Constable now

9) Half Moon Bay is a great place to walk

10) Mommis doesn’t buy those Bluetooth headsets anymore. They were chewy. Now she just talks to the visor in the car.

11) The new car is just like the old car. I can curl up in the trunk when the back seats are down, and avoid Paunnie.

12) I’d love to get in the front, like Paunnie does. Maybe one day I can plead hip dysplasia.

13) I’m glad Monti moved.  He was getting bigger than me, and pretty tough.

14) I have stuff hidden around the yard that Mommis might NEVER find

15) My best friend is Toley, but he’s in Half Moon Bay.

16) I don’t think Boda likes me. He never pays any attention to me.

17) I’d like to be Auntie Belle’s dog.

18) Milan Scoble frightened me when he came under my dining room table. I didn’t know what he was.

19) When I run away from Mommis, it is usually for a gato.

20) I don’t know what the hell all the excitement is about running after a ball and bringing it back to Uncle Dan. It’s just repetitive motion, so I scorn it.

21) The haircut she gives me when I get matted, the one that makes me look like “Lamby Pammy,” I secretly like it.  It’s cooler.

22) All Mommis’s men friends love dogs except her friend Mark. He doesn’t think I belong on the bed. I don’t think HE belongs on the bed either.

23) When I ate “Outliers,” I found it repetitive. The cover was the best part.

24) Mommis wakes up too early for me. I like to sleep a little later.

25)  Doesn’t Mommis realize all those people who walk outside the picture window could be axe-murderers? She doesn’t bark enough, so I have to do it for her.  I protect her.

G’night. Grrrrmmmmm