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I’m a Co-Worker

Co working with Mommis
Co working with Mommis

This was a fun week. Mommis took us to work with her one day and we got to co-work at Gangplank and be with her at her class in Gilbert. And we went to yoga, where they love dogs. Paunnie said we shouldn’t bark, so we didn’t, and we didn’t pull Mommis around in front of her friends, either. She was proud of us because we acted like we were trained.

In the GIlbert class, a woman who trains dogs massaged Paunnie and said she thought he was sore and maybe he has arthritis. Mommis is going to take him to the doctor. But he seems happy and fine. He never tells me anything’s wrong, and I think I would know..

That was a long day the day we went to co-work and class and yoga. I was tired, and I went right to sleep next to Mommis on the bed. But the next day we went nowhere, and I was bored. When I’m bored, the toidy paper is always a good way to amuse myself. This time I used the roll in the back bathroom, so Mommis didn’t find out about it until much later.jpeg-image-600x800-pixels-scaled-76

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