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Saturday Night at Our House

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Mommis went to Auntie Carolyn’s Charity dinner last night. Me and Paunnie were bored, and Paunnie figured out that the pantry lock is broken, so he broke out the chicken jerky and we had a picnic in the backyard.

We probably would’ve gotten away with it, except Paun got on Mommis’ bed when she came home to do his Main Man work, and promptly threw up. He spent the next ten minutes cleaning up after himself, and then he left the bed and I went up there to take his place so Mommis could go to sleep. (She can’t sleep alone, because she was married most of here life to various other dogs, some of whom did not shed or snore).

In the morning, Paun was not hungry, which always tips off Mommis. So she took a trip out to the picnic site in the backyard and figured it out.

Paunnie ate most of the jerky, so I ate his breakfast. And now I am sitting in the window waiting for Aunti Carolyn and her girls so we can go to the park, but I bet we go alone with morning. She came home very late last night. I told Mommis when she came in, but Mommis told me to shut up.

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