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I Honor my Mommis on Ada Lovelace Day

I may be a dog, but I know a girl geek when I see one. Although my Mommis is older than most of the geeks, she buys every tech toy that comes out and she loves to try out software and be the token grandmother all the boy geeks talk about disdainfully. So I have chosen my Mommis to honor for Ada Lovelace Day. (Ada Lovelace was the only legitimate child of Lord Byron. Mommis doesn’t really like Lord Byron’s poetry).

For me, this infatuation with tech toys is good, because I get to carry them out into the backyard and chew on them. I have practiced on noise-canceling headphones, Bluetooth headsets, digital cameras, and even iPhones. She has a T-shirt that sniffs out wireless networks, but she won’t let me have that. And she even got a little kit for Christmas that tests a dog’s DNA. (We sent if off, after she stuck a QTip in my cheek to get a sample, but we haven’t got the answer). And she has a laptop that charges her devices by the sun.

I honor my Mommis because she loves to share technology with her friends who don’t care, and who wish she would stop. Even her own brother asked how to turn off her livestream on Facebook.

She goes to conferences and acts like a teenager, and then comes home sick and has to spend a week in bed with me getting over the SXSW flu. (I wait for these opportunities to spend the day in bed with her, lounging on the laptop.)

But the best part about my Geek Mommis is that she makes a blog about me, and puts pictures of me all over the internets. Happy Ada Lovelace Day, Mommis. Love, Buppy

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A Dog Honors Ada Lovelace
A Dog Honors Ada Lovelace

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