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Dog Park Fail

Mommis tried to take me and Paunnie and Bluey on leashes!

Actually we faked it pretty well until the chow came. Then Paunnie bolted, and I thought I should follow. When I got to the chow, I realized he was one of my people and tried to say hello. His mistress misinterpreted my barking and jumped a mile. Mommis was mortified. Leash FAIL.

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The News of the Week in Review

One night this week Uncle Ed came over and brought us a bag of a new kind of treats. Dried ears or something.

He gave us one of them each, and put them away in the cabinet. He doesn’t know it, but that cabinet door doesn’t close all the way, so we were able to finish them all the next night when Mommis went out.

But that’s the best thing that happened this week. Saturday morning the Animal Control people came to the park just as we were leaving and warned Mommis about us. So today we had to walk on our leashes. Which makes it particularly galling that Cousin Bo is up in Half Moon Bay, having experiences like this one.


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Auntie Belle is Here!

So I don’t understand how this could happen , but tonight Auntie Belle from Half Moon Bay walked right into my Phoenix house to see me,She went out to dinner with Mommis and then got right into bed with us, just like at our other house — the one with the ocean. I can’t figure out how she got here, but it sure is great to be in bed with her again.


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Some Good Books

img_0015 Mommis is reading some great books! One of them is by her old yoga teacher, David Romanelli and looks like it\’s about living in the moment. The other one is a little more complicated. It\’s by her friend Brian Solis, and it’s about Putting the Public Back in PR.

img_0016The one about PR is a hard cover book, and it was really tough to get the cover off it. And Mommis discovered it out in the yard and really yelled at me. It turns out Brian signed it for her with something really nice.

If you see Brian, would you tell him I\’m sorry:-) Dave won\’t mind I know, because he lives in the moment like I do. Mommis was done with Dave\’s book anyway. But she was right in the middle of Brian\’s.

That\’s why I didn\’t eat the middle.