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Waiting for Her to Come to Bed


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We’re done with dinner and she loaded the dishwasher. She turned out the kitchen lights and gave us our snack. So I know we’re going to bed, and if I don’t get in this space on her side, Paunnie will. So I’m here first, and I’ll just wait. I know she’ll show up. She loves to sleep.

Why does she always try to move me out of the way when she comes to the bed, though? She just messes it up right after I get comfortable. And she smothers me with the bedspread.

Some time in the night, Paunnie will get up here, too, and spread out all over the middle of the bed. She usually ends up sleeping at the top, across the pillows. I think she likes it up there.

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Chauncey and Buppy take Our Vitamins

Last night, Paunnie got the vitamins down from the counter, and we took them outside and worked on the box for a while. Paunnie’s like a Houdini taking things apart, and although he never got the top off because it was too big for his mouth, he did manage to gnaw a hole in the side. And then the powder just fell out on the grass and we could share it.

And then we brought the box back inside and put it on Mommis’ bed so she would find it in the morning and order more of those. She saw that we were out immediately, but she hasn’t done anything about it yet.

They really tasted good, and I’ve never felt better in my life!