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The Trainer! We Love the Trainer!

So mommis got a letter from a neighbor last week that we got loose and scared her and there was a leash law. Mommis already knows there’s a leash law; she makes us put on these metal choking collars before we go out. But we get very excited when we see another dog. Well, Paunnie gets excited, and I don’t know why but he’s bigger and older and I follow him.

Mommis finally hit the end of her own leash last week, and as always, what she needed came to her. She had lunch with an old high school friend, who brought her daughter and toddler grandson.  I wasn’t there, but when she came home she called Auntie Belle and told her a trainer had come into her life. IMG_0525

And now that trainer is in our lives. She came to our house this morning with a strange little person wearing a harness and trapped in a big metal machine. She attempted to come into the house with the big metal machine and the strange little person, and naturally I barked.  Wouldn’t you? She didn’t even look at me, and that made me feel better.  She just stood at the door and didn’t say anything to any of us.  Paunnie finally quit barking, so I thought it was safe to do that. But then she sat down on the couch right next to mommis! and she let the little person loose! I HAD to growl. I had to protect mommis.

This was very hard, but eventually she took Paunnie out for a walk with lots of liver biscotti treats. I tried to go with them. They wouldn’t take me. They all left, and I threw myself against the door. But it didn’t do any good.


When she got finished with Paunnie, she took her own dog  out of the car and sat her on the sidewalk. She then walked Paunnie right past her very own dog!

Then she took me out. I see her game. She just gives out treats. Lots of treats. I don’t lunge after other dogs, so I was very good for her.

For a grand finale, she took us both!

I hope she comes back soon.

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Best. Day. Ever


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Karoli came to see us, and she likes the beach. Mommis doesn’t like it, because of the sand in the car and the house. But when Karoli said “Let’s take the dogs to the beach, Mommis had to be a good hostess, so she did it!

I like the beach because I can play with the water and I can run. Every once in a while, I get to talk to another dog, too. Saturday we got to talk to a pug, although once Paunnie ran up to it and started barking, the pug wasn’t that anxious to meet me. I had to wait until Paunnie left (he has ADD) and then introduce myself.

I’m the greeter.

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Silly Paunnie

tug of war

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Trying to fight Mommis for the toy. We went to the beach today and Karoli took a bunch of great pictures of us. Paunnie just performed ridiculously, trotting around with a ball and a ring in his mouth. I just exercised around him. I don’t bother with dirty balls or sand in my mouth.

Something smells good right underneath Paunnie, however, and I was trying to figure out what was there.

We had a good run. I think I’m snoring now.

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In the ER

IMG_0407I am totally miz.

My foot hurts where I lost my toenail on Friday. Worse since we walked. So I went to sleep in the hall and quit following mommis around the house. She was only doing laundry anyway.

Well, that alerted her and now we are at the emergency vet where we have already been waiting for almost two hours. I thought this only happened to humans!

They are doing their best to make me more miserable.