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No Wonder @gapingvoid’s book is Number One on Amazon’s Creativity List



Uncle Steve took Mommis out to dinner last night before he leaves today for Austin. While they were gone, I decided to read.  Mommis had just finished “Igonore Everybody,” and she recommended it to Uncle Steve and he read it while he was visiting, and he loved it, too. She thinks one day she will introduce him to Hugh McLeod, the author (@gapingvoid, her Twitter friend). She bought one of @gapingvoid’s prints, and she has two of his posters, and she buys his business cards.  I think she likes him.

I thought if they both loved the book, I would as well, so I sampled it.  I did what Uncle Steve did.  I took it out on the back deck. It has a lot of funny pictures in it. Hugh McLeod, who plays @gapingvoid on TV, is a funny man and I can see that he has a pen. I had a pen once.  Mommis took it away.

It was good, but I couldn’t finish it.  And it put me right to sleep.  It must have had too many carbs.  Dogs should eat mostly protein.

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Camp Fluppy Puppy at the Beach


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I’m the guy on the right. Today was a heavy fimmin day for me; the waves were very calm and I was able to get right out there. Paunnie and Bo and Toley were very busy fetching. I don’t do that, as I’ve told you before.

But I’ve figured out a way to make Paunnie real mad:-) I bite his left leg when he’s trying to run after the ballie.

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A Dog Loves His Habits

IMG_0288IMG_0294IMG_0287 Mommis finally took us on a warm afternoon walk over our old trail.  For weeks now we’ve been going to the beach, to Maverick’s, t0 all the great places, but I’ve missed our old trail where we used to go every day. Today, we made a triumphant return.

This is the Pacific Open Space Trail, which is a protected stretch of land from Golden Gate Bridge to Half Moon Bay. It’s all trails, and we live right near it! We’re lucky dogs.

There’s a lot of good stuff to smell and eat on this trail.