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I am an Intellectual

IMG_0578I gotta say, Paunnie has lowlife taste.  What does he do with his leisure time? He chews on that bone endlessly, even though he got all the meat and marrow out of it days ago.

Me, I like to eat a more sophisticated menu. This is “Entrepreneur Journeys” by Sramana Mitra. I have just started it, but I think Mommis has taken it back. I think she wants to try it first.

When she gets finished, I know where she will put it, and I will get it again. This time I will finish it. And when I’m done, no one else will want to try it.

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EmpowHer Team Walks in the Heat: I Don’t

CIMG0135.JPGSo I have no idea what a team is, but we were on a team on Sunday for one of Mommis’s pet  companies. Something about ovaries and cancer and walking, We were supposed to walk two and a half miles. Well, at 8:30 AM it was already 85 in Phoenix (I told you she took us home to early) and at about the first mile, there was a lake with birds on it. And it was hot.

I just took a quick right turn to go into that lake and get a drink.

Everyone was walking all around us, and Mommis freaked.  I think I embarrassed her. Paunnie didn’t try to come with me, either, so I was all alone in the wa.

Two men behind Mommis decided to help her out, and they grabbed me and pulled me out of the wa.

So if I look a little wet in this photo and not as fluffy, you know why.

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On the Road Again

IMG_0524 I knew this morning when she walked us first thing, before she went to Pilates, that something was up.

And sure enough.  All the furniture went out of the living room, and now we’re having breakfast before Jerry and Jamie take us back to Phoenix.

I know it will be hot in Phoenix and I have my long coat on. I hope it cools off soon.

Hey, Bluey, Tucker, Lucky and Sophie, I’m on the way.