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EmpowHer Team Walks in the Heat: I Don’t

CIMG0135.JPGSo I have no idea what a team is, but we were on a team on Sunday for one of Mommis’s pet  companies. Something about ovaries and cancer and walking, We were supposed to walk two and a half miles. Well, at 8:30 AM it was already 85 in Phoenix (I told you she took us home to early) and at about the first mile, there was a lake with birds on it. And it was hot.

I just took a quick right turn to go into that lake and get a drink.

Everyone was walking all around us, and Mommis freaked.  I think I embarrassed her. Paunnie didn’t try to come with me, either, so I was all alone in the wa.

Two men behind Mommis decided to help her out, and they grabbed me and pulled me out of the wa.

So if I look a little wet in this photo and not as fluffy, you know why.

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