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I Give Thanks

I was a stray in Cottonwood before I met Mommis, and then I got picked up and put in a cage.

The rescue peeps brought me to Mommis right after she was getting her hip replaced and all her friends and family were telling her one dog was enough.

But when Mommis saw me she told the rescue peeps she would take me.  She didn’t even foster me first.  She hardly knew who I was, but she fell in love with me at first sight. I was scared and quiet. They thought I might have Valley Fever.  Mommis said she didn’t care. The rescue peeps said we had to try each other for two weeks, and Mommis had to take me to the doctor. Mommis said she didn’t care.

Mommis took me right in. It was New Year’s Eve day, almost three years ago. They told her I was 2. I wasn’t. I was younger. They didn’t know.  But Mommis knew I was puppy; she could tell.

Every day Mommis gets up and takes us for a walk, even though we have a big yard. She gives us treats twice a day, and sometimes if we’re good on the walk we get liver biscotti. I think liver biscotti means “come.”

Mommis also gives us chicken soup when she makes it for herself. And she gives us carrots.

And she leaves dark chocolate around in a drawer that I can open with my nose sometimes.

She leaves the house and leaves her closet door open so I can get into her hamper and smell her laundry. Sometimes I take it outside.

She always comes home to give us dinner, even though she’s sometimes very late. We think any time after 4:30 PM is late.

And when she has to travel, she makes sure someone comes and stays with us.

That’s why I give thanks today and I am glad I live with Mommis.

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