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I’m Going to Have a Crummy Christmas

Mommis is packing.  She’s going to Half Moon Bay to see that silly baby. And she’s leaving me and Paunnie with the baby sitters. Jerry and Jamie will be here, but they work a lot and won’t be here all the time. Yeah, I know Uncle Dan and Ed and Carolyn and Olivia and everybody will be stopping by, but they don’t sleep with us like Mommis does. And Jerry and Jamie sleep with Monti. We might have to sleep on the floor while they’re here.

So I  lost it tonight, and I upended her purse and spilled everything on the floor.  I didn’t realize how much “everything” she had in there, but lots of stuff, from headphones to business cards.

And then I grabbed one of her new Uggs and took it out back.  I started to eat it, but thought that might be going too far, so I kissed it and left it out there.

When she came home, she was so mad that I exiled myself outside. You could tell she was mad because she just walked around saying “no” all the time.

But in fifteen minutes she recovered and called me to come in. Then she gave me some chicken jerky so I know we’ve made up.