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I Ran My Ass off This Morning

We were walking along in Los Olivos Park with Mommis and Wendy and Pam and Brandon and the boy with the other three rescue dogs and this man came out with a metal and rubber dog like I’ve never seen before. It blew smoke out its rear and it made a funny buzzing noise  and we all ran after it but we could never catch it.  I tried to bark at it and talk to it, but it just buzzed me back.

We ran and ran until I almost dropped, and it was so much fun!!! Mommis made us leave before it was over, but I was tired anyway. I’m out of shape for that kind of exercise.

I actually had never seen Wrigley run before this morning, bcause he always walks slowly behind us or just stands there between Aunt Pam’s legs. I thought he couldn’t run, but he’s been layin’ low all this time.  But that Parker, she’s so-o-o fast. We saw her self-walking one morning in the park, and I knew she had some stray in her.

Chaunce didn’t even try to keep up with us, but Zoe did. She made the game end, because she got the metal dog in her mouth and started to shake it. That made Mr. Brandon mad at her.

The boy told us his metal dog cost $600. It must be a purebred.  I think Chaunce cost $500, and he came with papers, but I cost $35. Most of the other dogs were in the $35 range, too, That means you could get two dozen real dogs for the prize of that one buzzing dog.