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What is This Person?

This person came into our yard today. I think he got lost here in the irrigation and the rain. I nuzzled him onto his back, but then he went inside himself.
Now he’s on vacation from us in the side yard.

I miss him already. He was little, but very interesting.

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Half Moon Bay: Love it and Hate It

I love Half Moon Bay in the summer, when we have Camp Fluppy Puppy, but I hate it in the winter, when we get left at home while Mommis goes there alone for the weekend. Yeah, Jerry and Jamie and Uncle Dan and Max are okay, and they hang out with us and take care of us, but they don’t smell like Mommis.

This time she tried to fake me by not packing the yellow suitcase. She’s only taking the red thing. The thing the laptop goes in. But when she put the pills and the toothbrush in the red thing too, I knew where this was trending. She doesn’t take those when she goes to a meeting.

So last night, when she went out to dinner with Doris and Jerry, I took the red thing. I was gonna try to take it out in the back yard and examine what was in it to see if I was right and she was abandoning me. If it had any unders or a bra, I’d know for sure.

But man, was it heavy. ┬áBy the time I got it to the dog door, my teeth were sore from carrying it. I couldn’t quite get it, and me, through the door. And then somebody came by the house, and I had to do my job. I went to the window to look and bark to keep us safe.

And then ( I live in the present) I forgot I left it there, and she found it when she came home and figured it out.

That’s why I constantly am in the dog house.