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The Gilbert Dog Park Rawks!!!

What do you think Mommis is doing standing up on the agility thing there?  I wouldn’t climb up on it for all the dogfood in China. It’s scary up there.

Paunnie tried to get her down, and he actually jumped all the way up there himself finally. Then she had to have Uncle Ed hold her hand to get her down. She’s afraid of heights, she knows she is, and she should have remembered that before she went up there all posing for pictures and stuff.

We had a great time in Gilbert, though. Bo and Toley were her from Camp Fluppy Puppy. Usually they are only in Half Moon Bay, but somehow they have been at our house this week. They came in a big white car.

We swam in the dog lake and fetched and ran around.  I fell in love. With a brown and white Dalmatian name Natasha, She was very white and beautiful, and I followed her around like a real fool. And then it was time for us to leave, and I had to say good-bye to her forever.

Two more days of Camp Fluppy Puppy and then Bo and Toley leave. Bummer.

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