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Justice is Done!

Finally! For years I have been accused of being the one who drags the toilet paper around the house when Mommis is not home. She has taken to closing bathroom doors because sometimes she comes home and there’s a piece of the side chewed off the whole roll of toilet paper, so it looks like origami or something.

I kept on telling her I didn’t do it, but she didn’t believe me until today.  There was some toidy paper on the floor, and Mommis went into the bathroom to brush her teeth.  I rarely follow her in, because I hate being closed in anywhere, even with Mommis, but Paunnie followed her.

He always follows her in. He has to make sure she doesn’t leave him.

Well, she saw him eat a piece of errant toidy paper that had previously been taken off the roll by — she thought — me, but then she knew it was Paunnie because he stood there and ate that piece right up off the floor.

I could almost smell her brain working. Let’s see: he’s the dog who picks up paper in the park and eats it. He’s the dog who eats the wrappings off of any fast food anyone leaves in the garbage. Ooops! Along HE was the dog playing with the rolls of toidy paper.

The wheels of justice grind exceedingly slow. I’m five.