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A Dog Does Due Diligence

Mommis is an investor. That means we have lots of these books with the colored tabs and the spiral bindings all over the bookshelf. She did a lot of it before she got me, but  now she’s doing it again. She does deals with her friends. I don’t know what a deal is. But if she makes money, we will get more food and go more fun places like Half Moon Bay.

So last night when she went out to dinner, I thought I would do my own due diligence and see what was inside one of these.  I had to take it off the kitchen table and carry it all the way outside through the dog door to the back yard.  It’s a big book, lots of maps and charts, and it was really heavy! By the time I got it out there, I had lost my appetite for the due diligence.

I left it out there, knowing she would find it, because I left the smaller folder that was with it and I knew she would remember there were two of them. I left that one on the kitchen floor for her.

And then I took a big long nap and nursed my aching jaw.  I don’t think being an investor is any fun at all, and those binders taste terrible. No wonder everybody keeps them on a shelf and never takes them down.

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Mother’s Day: The Dog’s Dilemma

This Mother’s Day really has me thinking. What should Paunnie and I do for Mommis?

.. No one’s here but us, and today’s the day you’re supposed to make your mom breakfast in bed, right?

How about a shoe? Nah, I know she doesn’t want a shoe; I’ve never seen her eat one of those before. Not for breakfast, anyway. Sometimes she gives us something she cooked for dinner that tastes like shoe, but breakfast isn’t shoes.

Grass. She eats grass for lunch, but all her special grass is in the refrigerator and the door seems to be completely closed for once. I have tried opening it until my nose is sore. The only cabinet I can open in the kitchen is the one with my food and the tools. I know she doesn’t eat my food and nobody eats pliers that I have ever seen, not even me and Paunnie and we are very good eaters.k

I’ve surfed the counter and I can’t each the fruit. There’s bananas and oranges up there, I know, but I can’t reach them.

I could just re-gift her the headset I took out to the yard to play with last week, but that’s too cheesy.

If I jumped on the kitchen table and walked on that other counter could I find anything? A sponge? Anything good in the sink?

I got it! We will take her out to breakfast. Paunnie can bark, and then i will bark, and to shut us up she will take us to the park. And after the park she will go to Starbucks and buy herself a frappacino! That’s what she wants! Let’s get at it.

She’s right. I’m such a good boy. I love my Mommis on Mother’s Day.