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A Dog Does Due Diligence

Mommis is an investor. That means we have lots of these books with the colored tabs and the spiral bindings all over the bookshelf. She did a lot of it before she got me, but  now she’s doing it again. She does deals with her friends. I don’t know what a deal is. But if she makes money, we will get more food and go more fun places like Half Moon Bay.

So last night when she went out to dinner, I thought I would do my own due diligence and see what was inside one of these.  I had to take it off the kitchen table and carry it all the way outside through the dog door to the back yard.  It’s a big book, lots of maps and charts, and it was really heavy! By the time I got it out there, I had lost my appetite for the due diligence.

I left it out there, knowing she would find it, because I left the smaller folder that was with it and I knew she would remember there were two of them. I left that one on the kitchen floor for her.

And then I took a big long nap and nursed my aching jaw.  I don’t think being an investor is any fun at all, and those binders taste terrible. No wonder everybody keeps them on a shelf and never takes them down.

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