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Fruit Girl Goes to Market

Fruit Girl Goes to Market

Mommis went to the Farmer’s Market in Half Moon Bay with us this morning after our walk along the Coastal trail. She goes every week, but she usually leaves us home because dogs are not allowed.

But this morning we were in the car, and she came back to us all excited.

“I met a girl at the Farmer’s Market who has a blog,” she said.

“Aaarggh,” I thought. “Everything in her life is about blogs and tech and people. Can’t more in her life be about dogs.?”

But I live in the moment, so I forgot my envy. She told me the girls were pretty and studying about nutrition. I love food. Paunnie loves it even more. So we are going to follow her blog, which is called Fruit Girl Goes to Market.

When we came home and Mommis read the blog, she told me melon is really a vegetable, though it’s sold as a fruit. She didn’t know that.  I didn’t know that. I eat kibble, myself