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Back in Phoenix and Reluctant to Get in the Car

Mommis is having trouble getting Paunnie to go in the car. He doesn’t like it, so he lays on the ground next to the door and goes limp.

First she yelled at him a lot. Then she decided he must have arfritis. So she bought him pills. He loves those pills.

But all the while he has been jumping up on her bed no problem. Doesn’t she think there’s something else going on here? If I weren’t a dog I would say this was psychological on Paunnie’s part, but dogs don’t know about psychology so I can’t tell her that.

In the mean time, doesn’t she notice that I am the one that doesn’t jump up on her bed?

But I do jump into the car.

She doesn’t understand either of us.

Oh and she bought us a ramp, too. We both hate it.

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