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The Strange Metal Thing

Mommis was laughing herself silly this morning in the park. We were there with Pam and Wrigley, and the strange metal toy showed up.

First Wrigley, who almost never runs, started running after it and barking. You could see that he was about to challenge it to a fight. I thought I had better help him, so I took after it too, and we tried to run it down.

Paunnie isn’t that fast anymore, but he still tried to chase it with us. It kept on getting away from us across the field, but it was fun to run after it. We got a good workout.

We’re always amazed by the speed at which Wrigley can move when he’s motivated.  He spends most of our walks half a park behind Pam, making her call him and clap for him.  And then you find out that he’s very able to run when he wants to.

I love it when I make Mommis laugh. I hate it when I make her mad.  When I run away I make her mad.  I know it, but I just can’t stop.

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