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Beautiful Morning, Beautiful Dogs (If I Do Say So Myself)

We are beautiful. Mommis took us to the Biltmore Golf Course this morning because in the winter they don’t tee off until 7:30, and there we had the opportunity to reveal our full glory to her

This, in case you haven’t guessed, is my older brother Chauncey, whom we all call Paunnie. He’s 8 and a half, very athletic, and weighs about 83, down from his all time high of 93, which frightened Mommis because he has skinny legs.

He’s VERY hyper, and I guess he’s the reason we go for so many walks even though we have a half acre back yard AND we have all Mommis’s friends being their dogs over and throw balls to us.











And this is me. I’m boofus, and much more interesting, because I’m not a total golden. But I

have never told Mommis what the rest of me is. ¬†She thinks it’s Chow-Chow, because her

dog Emmett, who came before me in her life, had to be put to sleep right before I came to her. She thinks I have some Emmett in me because I don’t always listen. But I don’t feel the necessity to confess to her, so I’ve kept my air of mystery. I’m subtle. I’m surreptitious, and I get away with a lot because I keep looking like a puppy, even though I am five — or is it six?

I will always answer to Buppy the Puppy:-)