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I Got a Little Brother for New Year’s!

These are the first pictures of my baby brother, Sanjiv. He’s named after Sam and Jiva, mom’s Ayurveda friends in India. We will probably call him Sammy, because that’s what he comes to, but he needs a better big name, so it’s going to be Sanjiv.

He’s 11 months old and weighs 31, and we had to drive a long way to a Petco in Gilbert to get him. He’s kind of a wild man, and he came on too strong when we first met, but that’s because I was still depressed. Then I began to like him, and I told Mommis it was okay to bring him home.

When he got to our house, he ran out in the back yard and started tearing around. I ran after him and played with him until he wore me out, and then Mommis gave us celebration bones.

I showed him how to chew on a real bone.

Then Mommis gave us dinner, and he tried to eat mine. I was polite about it, but Mommis wouldn’t let him.

He found Mommis’ bed really fast, and she didn’t throw him off, so I guess he will be allowed like everybody else.

He has one up ear and one down ear.

He says he’a a German shepherd, but he’s too little for one. He has someone else in him that was

little. I can’t wait until we go to the park and I show him that because I’m a certified Canine Good Citizen I can be off my leash and he can’t!

Happy New Year! I’m not depressed anymore. I know Paunnie is happy looking down on us, and wants me and Mommis to be happy, too.

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