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Joe’s Birthday Party

Every morning we jump for joy

When we see you, boy oh boy!

Then we get our treat

And we think that is really neat.

On this special day

We want to say

Hey Hey Hey

Happy Birthday

To our favorite Candy Manz

From your number one fanz

The Los Olivos Woofus Gang

Mommis was away, but it was Joe’s birfday this weekend, and the park peeps, including Parker, Wendy’s special dog who was found in the park and rescued by Wendy, had a big party. Pam.I.Am Shakespeare, mother of Wrigley, the dog who loves to shower in the sprinklers, wrote Joe a poem for us and we all signed it.

And Pam also baked a cake with a dog on it.

The party was for Joe’s birthday, but it was also a big wet thank you for the treats he gives us every morning. And I mean Every. Morning.

Happy Birthday, dog’s best friend Joe.

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