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The Kindness of Strangers

In retrospect, I probably should not have done it. But it seemed like such a good idea at the time. I should have stuck with chasing the rabbit, like Sammy did. We didn’t get the rabbit, but we pinned it under somebody’s air conditioner before Mommis put us back on our leashes.

Mommis took us to the BIltmore Golf Course this morning for the first time in a long time. She was watching for coyotes, but we were watching for bunnies, and we saw one almost immediately. She punished us by putting us on leash, but when we got to the big meadow golf course by the lake she let us off again.

I waded into the lake, like I usually do, and swam around the edge. My little brother Sammy, who I don’t think can swim, tried to copy me by belly flopping in, all four legs in the air, but it scared him to hit the water, and he went back to Mommis.

The golden in me wanted to go for a swim, however, so I paddled out a little ways. And then I saw the ducks. Dozens of them, swimming almost where I could get them. If I could just go a little further. So I went up the lake. Then I went down the lake. Then I went up the lake. Then they changed direction and I followed them side to side.

I heard Mommis calling and whistling from the shore, but I was having too much fun. And then, suddenly, I started to cough and got tired. A couple walking a dog came by, and Mommis spoke to them.  They couldn’t help her get me, though. I just kept swimming after the ducks. I stopped coughing and kept swimming.

Mommis called 911. They told here they didn’t have a boat. Then she called the hotel maintenance for the golf course, and a man came out in a white uniform on a golf cart. He stood and watched. By this time, Mommis was freaking out, running up and down and around the lake. Five different people were watching and calling and whistling.

I thought I was just about to get the duck, though, and I didn’t want to stop now! I was so close. The damn duck kept taking off and landing a few feet from me. I was sure I was going to get her. All the other ducks were yelling at us.

And then two men with fishing poles came by. They saw what was happening, and one of them had a dog of his own. So he took off his shirt (wow, he had a lot of  tattoos) and jumped in and swam across the lake toward me, yelling. I was scared of him, so I swam away from him toward Mommis. I figured the jig was up. The duck got away.

Mommis pulled me out and then put me on a leash.Sammy was watching all this; he didn’t know what was happening.

And then the man said he needed help. Mommis reached in and pulled him out.

After he got out, he said that was a hard swim, and then they both realized that he was fimmin in his shoes and his jeans. And in his pocket, he had a wrench. No wonder if had so much trouble.

Mommis threw her arms around him and offered him a reward, but he refused. She begged, and he finally told her he had a dog and she could get something for the dog. She took his phone number, told him she loved him, and we walked back to the car. She made both of us heel the whole way.

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