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Tango With the Mango

It began as an ordinary day, until Mommis opened the front door and I saw the black cat across the street.

Mommis thinks I am more responsible now, so when she loads us into the car she sometimes doesn’t put our leashes on if we’re going to the park. Usually I want to go to the park, but in a choice between park and cat, I’d always choose cat.

I chased that cat from Carolyn’s house over to the next neighbor. I was winning all the way. I trapped the cat under a trailer in the neighbor’s driveway and began to work on it. Unfortunately, I was too big to fit comfortable under the trailer, so I tried to move the cat next to it and continued my work.

But by that time Mommis was furious, ran after me with the leash, and threw it at me, buckle first. It startled me, and I backed off. The cat went away, but it didn’t look very good. I knew Mommis was mad, so I hightailed it home and jumped into our car.

When we got home from the park, Mommis had to clean my ear, because it was bleeding where the cat scratched it. She also had to put ointment on it. I’ve had cat scratch infections twice, so she was right on it, although I didn’t really think it warranted all that care. I would have just let it dry up.

About an hour later, Uncle Max was peeling mangoes. Mommis was working at her computer. Sometimes if we all hang around Uncle Max, he will give us a small piece when he slices them, but this time I got lucky! He dropped an entire mango seed, and I saw it. I vacuumed it down. Uncle Max freaked out and ran to Mommis.

Mommis called the vet. She is such an over-reactor. The vet said it wasn’t toxic, but it had to pass through. I already know that. Then another miracle happened. The vet said to give me fiber to make it pass, so Uncle Max sliced up a piece of fantastic Artisan bread and they actually fed it to only me.

I have had a great day. I almost got the cat, and I did get the mango pit and the bread. Mommis is in a heap on the floor though. I think she’s meditating. Why???