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In Which Uncle Nell’s Phone Disappears

Dear Uncle Nell,

I’m getting the feeling that you are my competition for Auntie Belle. She has been visiting Mommis this holiday, and we have been having a wonderful time. But every once in a while she gets this sad, far off look in her eye. I wondered how she could have that when she was with us all the time, so I started sniffing around.
And that’s how I found your phone.  I just knew it was yours, and that she loves YOU, not me:-(
So last night I carried it out to the banquette by the bay window, thinking she would never find it and she would forget you. But Mommis guessed that it was me, and they know I sleep in the banquette, so they found it and took it back.
But today, when Auntie Belle got in the shower, I sneaked into her room and took it again. And this time I carried it into the back yard. I have this great hole that I’m digging in the back yard, all the way to China.
In the meantime, it got dark. But when Auntie Belle got out of the shower, she realized it was gone, and ran around the house looking for it. When she couldn’t see it, she started calling it. And then she couldn’t hear it, so she sent mommis out into the back yard.
Mommis couldn’t see anything,so she had to come back in and get the big flashlight while Auntie Belle got dressed.
Then Auntie Belle and Mommis both heard the phone in the yard, but they couldn’t see it. Auntie Belle said, “it sounds like it is coming from here, but I don’t see anything.” And then Mommis spilled the beans and said that was my hole to China.
So Auntie Belle started digging while Mommis held the flashlight. And she unearthed (yes, a bad pun) your phone.
So now I am in the dog house. Auntie Belle is madly cleaning up your phone.
You win dude!
Love, B.Q. Puppis-Woo

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