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Small Mess-Up on My Part: Big Consequences

I made a big strategic error last week. When Mommis took us to Indian School Park, she let us out of the dog park for a minute to play with us in the field. I was playing with Sammy and Blu, and then I realized we were near the lake where the men fish. I laid low, so Mommis would think I was playing with Sammy, and then I took off for a swim.

The Remote Reminder Collar
The Remote Reminder Collar
Of course Mommis freaked out and called attention to me by yelling “Buppy Come” at the top of her lungs. This just makes me nervous, so I ignored her more, hoping she would stop.

The men were really angry, because I saw all the fish swim away when they saw me. There probably won’t be another fish in that lake for weeks.

But here’s the error. I didn’t realize this, but the remote collar we used to train Sammy has a version where you can train two dogs at once. I am now on restrictions — meaning I am always on the electronic remote when we go to the park, and Mommis is trying to train us to stay down when she walks away. Me, I don’t care, because I’d rather lay down anyway. But Sammy goes nuts when she leaves.

Here, I try to give him comfort. She’s about 20 feet away. I’m not scared.

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