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Buppy and the Faux Down

Jonny Aguilar takes Sammy for training by his baby self now. Sammy listens to Jonny. I do not, although I try to act like I know what I’m doing when Jonny is around. I don’t want to go for training by myself. As things stand, I’ve got Mommis right where I want her; I only have to listen to her a small part of the time.

This morning we took a big walk in Steele Indian School Park, mostly at heel, although I know how to get lost behind Mommis and then run to catch up when she signals me. She thinks I am under voice control, but actually, I am making choice. I CHOOSE to follow Mommis, because I get hungry every once in a while and it’s nice to have a dependable food supply.

Buppy Fakes a Down
Buppy Fakes a Down


They don’t bother us at Steele, like they do at Los Olivos where they gave Mommis a ticket and she is fighting it.

But today, Mommis asked us to get in a “down” at the end of our walk. I really didn’t feel like bending my elbows. So I faked it.


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