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What’s Aging Anyway?

I’m a senior dog now, but I haven’t lost my ability to surprise. I’ve got one special move down pat. I can fake left, go right, and end up in the lake at Granada Park any time I want to. All I have to do is act old, hang back, and they give up on me. especially now that we have Sammy, who is a real whack job even at five, and Bruce, the Shih-tzu poodle we picked up at Los Olivos. Mommis has her hands full controlling them, and she doesn’t have enough of those Dogtra collars for all of us, so I am usually the one who doesn’t have to wear one, because I’m the great pretender.

I’ll explain. I pretend to be mellow. And then when Mommis is having a conversation with Sharon and Felix or Uncle Dan or somebody else (Mommis talks to everybody, even total strangers, because she can’t smell things well enough) I veer into the lake. It’s real simple. I swim a little, just enough to wake me up, and then I come out shaking myself and running. Everybody loves that, and mostly they forgive me. Mommis says some stuff about me, but it’s not important. I can see that she’s really proud of me.

Truthfully, I’m bored in her house. We see the same six dogs all the time: Blu, who belongs to Uncle Dan, Trina and Tucker, who belong to our friend Max, and my step brothers Bruce and Sammy. And me. All they do is practice for triathlons in the house, jumping the couch, running through the irrigation, humping each other and chasing each other around the house. Mommis is usually out when that happens. When she gets home, she sees the muddy footprints, but she never says anything. She’s busy, and she loves us.

I know she loves me, because she lets me on her bed even when I’m really dirty. Yeah, she tries to brush me, and she takes me to the spa once a month, but mostly she says, “hi big puppy,” and hugs me. She lays down with me.

She and I have history. I’m the only one in the house who remembers when she had her hip replaced, when Chauncey died, and when Aunt Chelsea got Toley. Aunt Chelsea says she wants me, but Mommis won’t let me go there. This makes me feel wanted.

Mommis looks pretty good these days. This vegan stuff isn’t too good for me, but it’s been good for her. The only vegetable I like is carrots. Sammy likes kale and collard greens. Me? Not so much. But I really like fruit. Apples and blueberries.

Life is good.

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