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Happy Birthday to Me

Last week was my birthday. I don’t know how old I am, but I sure am getting grey.  Mommis got me when she had her hip replaced at the end of 2006, and they thought I was about a year and a half then. So it’s 7 and a half years. So I might be nine.

A few weeks ago, I caught a duck in my mouth. It was trying to get to the reservoir from dry land. It practically flew into my mouth; I swear I didn’t really try to catch it. I think it was a stupid duck and deserved its fate, but Mommis made me drop it, and it wandered off and flew away.

Then I saw some very special ducks in the reservoir a few days later, and I couldn’t help myself; I swam right after  them. I would have kept swimming, because I was really happy in the water, but it was my day to have the electronic collar on me, so she pinged me. I hate that vibrator, so I came out.

I always feel so re-energized after I swim, even if it’s only in the irrigation. We got that on Tuesday and it was lots of fun. I especially like playing in the water and then coming in to wrestle with my younger brothers on the living room couch. I also still like carrying the toilet paper out of the bathroom into the back yard in one big stream.

I need some candid opinions here. Mommis gave me my Easter cut this week, and I am not sure it’s really “me.”photo 1 I see myself as more fluffy, with a little more substance. What do you think?

I think I’m cuter than this haircut.

But I guess it’s cool. Summer’s coming and we don’t go to the beach anymore. I still don’t know what happened, or where Paunnie went. We have Sammy and Bruce now, but Sammy’s on suicide watch (leash) because he jumped out of Mommis’s convertible this morning at 24th Street and Lincoln Drive in the rush hour. Just went right over the side like he usually does at the park. Only we weren’t at the park.

Mommis clicked him in the electronic collar and he came right back in, but now we’re going to take him to therapy.

What’s therapy?



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