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Police Bite Dog Owners

I’m an old dog, but I know what I smell. I know a stalker when I smell one. Phoenix, we have a problem. We have endowed policemen with the power to frighten ordinary citizens. This is gonna be a TL;DR, but Mommis says it is part of a bigger problem than just us, so listen.

1488129_10152587605417792_2946309154068011443_n Two days ago the policeman who tried to give Mommis  tickets at Los Olivos Park for having us off leash even though we are Canine Good Citizens followed us to Granada Park.  He said he had received complaints. Since we never see anyone there but our friends, we wondered who the hell had complained.

Besides, we’re technically allowed to be off leash while training if we are under voice control and carrying proof of our CGC. We were. Mommis is no dope, and I’m almost ten. We know the haps. We posted the City code about dogs on Facebook.

Mommis has a word for how much money she’s paid to have us trained. The word is shitload.

But Officer Carro is not a good citizen. He goes for the easy kill rather than work to find real criminals. He’s in the habit of driving his squad car through the grass warning people to put their dogs on leash. Since there’s no one there at that hour (6 AM) BUT people with dogs, everyone’s mad. 

Yesterday he came up to us on a bike  and yelled at Mommis, even though we were all on leashes. He called us aggressive and told Mommis she had to be under “complete control of us” at all times. We’re not aggressive. As I’ve said, I’m a senior dog. Bruce weighs 11. Sammy barks, but he’s under complete control because he has separation anxiety from Mommis. He’s ALWAYS next to her, even if she’s on the toilet. The only other place he goes is to fetch a ball.

Today we were all on leashes, and we had Gena with us. Gena owns Max. He’s a golden puppy and we love him. But Gena did not have Max with her, because she had already run into Officer Creepy once. Today, he backed his car into the trees and stared at all of us while we walked. Then he said, “Gena, come over here for a minute.” Why does he know her name? Why did he call her over when she didn’t even have a dog.

Gena is young. She’s blonde and beautiful. She’s getting married in a week, and she had come to the park without her dog to say goodbye to her surrogate moms who walk with her and Max every morning since her own mother died last year. She’s getting married out of town.

We all headed over, and he said, “No, Just Gena. This is a personal matter.” So Gena went over. Officer Creepy told her that he had been by her house yesterday, ostensibly to tell her she had an unpaid photo radar ticket. He told her he wanted to remind her to settle it.

When Gena came back to us, she was shaking and nauseous and she left the park immediately. I just know he made her miserable right before her wedding.

I don’t know what a wedding is, but I know it has made her nervous enough. She didn’t need this. 

Mommis is now furious. I was in my office behind a chair in the media room and she woke me up. “Buppy,” she said. “If you don’t say something about this, you won’t be able to live with yourself.”

Even worse, she called JonnyBeGood, our trainer. She hired him to meet us in the park on some days so we can be legally off leash with a certified trainer while being in training. Ugh. That means we’re getting MORE training.