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Mommis and I Are Aging Gracefully

This morning Mommis and Bruce and Sammy and I went to the Biltmore Golf Course at dawn. We go there less often than we used to, but we still go. I think I ruined it for every day when I swam into the lake and the man had to go out and get me.

Mommis got scared.

Yesterday we went and I went fimmin. Mommis was stunned. Once again I surprised her, because she was very cold. She couldn’t imagine why I’d fim. But I have an undercoat AND an overcoat.

Today I just nosed around, looking for some of that great turkey from Friday. Some dude must’ve had a Thanksgiving dinner and thrown the carcass over his fence, because there it was at the edge of the golf course.

Me and Bruce made quite a belated Thanksgiving dinner of it.

I can still walk four miles a day. Sometimes Mommis thinks I’m slow, but it’s more like I’m strategic. I’ll run for a while, roll over and scratch my back in the grass, and jump up again.

Mommis keeps waiting for me to ask to go over the Rainbow Bridge because I’m ten or eleven or something. But I’m not ready. I am not even blind or deaf and I don’t have much arthritis. I can still jump up on her bed, too.

Admittedly I’m a little grumpy around certain dogs, like Jackson dog, who bug me. But I can shut them up because I’m the A fella.

Some of the kids bug me, too, and I growl. But I’d never bite ’em. I’m just trying to train them how to treat a dog.

Happy Thanksgiving!





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