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Helping People for the Holidays

Mommis and I love to help people. We just do it in different ways.

This morning, I was Dog of the Day. This is a big honor, because the chosen one goes for a walk around the neighborhood alone with Mommis. Yes, there’s a leash involved, but at least not the triple leashing system for when Sammy and Bruce are along.

On our walks, I try to help people by eating up all the cat shit in the neighborhood. There’s plenty of it, and I never get it all done, because Mommis hurries me along.

This morning we were passing through an alley behind a plumbing company. A man in the backyard of the company was trying to load a long length of waste pipe (Mommis told me what it was) on to the toprack of his truck. He hoisted it up there, and then the other end dropped through the fence behind his yard into the alley.

Mommis decided to help. She picked up the fallen end of the pipe and helped the man get it on top of his truck. She doesn’t know if he said thank you because when she did it she was listening to John Gruber interview Craig Federighi about open sourcing Swift. It was pretty geeky, but she gathered Swift is a good thing for Apple developers, which is what Craig wanted her to know.

Then we were almost home when Mommis saw a small white dog in the middle of the road. It looked like our BooBoo, but it wasn’t. Mommis knew where it lived, so she led it home and locked the gate behind it. She assumed the open gate was an accident and the owner wouldn’t want to have to come home to a missing dog.

Being Dog of the Day is something I really look forward to. I wish I could tell when it was really my day so I didn’t experience the disappointment of its being someone else’s day.