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Buppy in the Sky With Diamonds



Let me tell you how I came to cross over the Rainbow Bridge. Let this be a lesson for other older dogs who are trying to act like they are not aging. Boomer dogs.


I had not been feeling well for a long time. I am 12, or I was until yesterday.  Like many older people my horizons had shrunk: to Granada Park, the food and  under Mommis’ bed where I spent most of the day sleeping because my body hurt. Actually I’ve been pretty “done” for the past six months, although I could hide it well because I’ve always been stoic. As a puppy, I was forced to be a forager before I met Mommis, who rescued me.


Although I still loved to forage.


Mommis is is one of those people who doesn’t like to think she’s getting older, so she dragged me on these 2 mile walks every day to Granada Park. I guess that kept me in shape,  but I also learned how to make her take me off the leash when I couldn’t keep up and then how to find every shortcut across the park while she and Bruce and Sammy kept walking around in circles with Sharon and Carol and that upstart Jackson dog, who tried to get Mommis to pet him all the time. I had to keep growling at him and putting him down on his back to show him whose Mommis it was.


But I knew Mommis was not finished with me. So I took things into my own hands.


The Duck


Last week Mommis parked on a different side of the park, and that created my opportunity. When she let us out of the car, I saw a duck. I bolted after the duck, knowing I was endangering my life, but feeling like George Bush Sr. skydiving at 90. What the hell is life if you can’t catch a duck?


I caught the duck. Some woman rescued it before Mommis could get to me. But I knew I had caught it. I went back to Mommis. But that’s when the shooting pains began.


But I had to finish the job. Next time Mommis took me out for a walk, I chased a cat. But I didn’t catch the cat, I only injured myself more. Mommis took me to the vet, who gave me pills. I could have told her they wouldn’t work.


But I had to get worse for a week, not even able to put my left arm down, before Mommis decided to let me go. I knew she’d get there, because we are both yogis. In my later years, Uncle Max called me Zen Dog.


So yesterday she took me, and I laid down in her lap and we said our goodbyes. Later I saw her go out to lunch with a blind man who thankfully brought his guide dog to comfort Mommis. And later that night, a wake for me with all her friends at a quaint Peruvian restaurant. Zena’s Mom, Ringo’s Dad, Juan, Bluey’s Dad. Only Jackson Dog’s mom wasn’t there; she’s sick.
This morning I manifested to Mommis behind a cloud with a silver lining. She recognized me right away. Buppy in the Sky with Diamonds.BuppyintheSky

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No Rainbow Bridge Just Yet

I haven’t had much energy lately, and I’ve spent my days under Mommis’ bed resting. After all, today’s my birthday and I’m 12, she thinks. Also the vet thinks so. I guess my teeth are 12.

After I refused to jump down out of the car at the park a couple of times, Mommis finally caught on and figured out that I needed help. So she ran me up to the vet, because she thought the big bump under my left shoulder might be the reason.

But the vet said no, and also x-rayed me for elbow arthritis. Oh, and weighed me. This was the worst part. I have gained five pounds. While the vet said I didn’t have any visible arthritis, she gave Mommis some samples of anti-inflammatories and told her to try them on me.

And then came the worse part: she told Mommis to cut back my food and substitute canned green beans for kibble. Mommis is a nutritional nut who only eats vegetables herself, so I knew I was in trouble.

The bad news is that I now get a half cup of kibble and a half cup of green beans, and ONLY HALF A TREAT!  Serious deprivation.

The good news is that those “uppers” the vet prescribed have seriously raised my energy levels so that I now can forage for food in the park every morning and still catch up to the group. When I was slow, Mommis let me out of the leashing system and I just carry my own leash now. This allows me to pick up pine cones and garbage, which I love. Just yesterday I found an open package of hot dogs.

Happy Birthday to me!