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My Name is Buppy Too, or 2, or II

I am Buppy the Puppy and this person holding me is Mommis. I’ve been stuck with the job of manning this hand me down blog since the original owner passed over  The Rainbow Bridge. The original owner was a social media guru, and I have a lot to learn. But I can do video, and he couldn’t.

But first, a little about me. I’m not a rescue. Mommis wanted another golden and couldn’t find one in Phoenix to rescue. Finally, I manifested, through an intermediary, Paula the Breeder. Paula mated Cash. King of something or other with my dog mother and I have seven brothers and sisters. We are all British creams, and that’s the key to my landing up in this amazing pack. My predecessor was also a British, though not a cream and probably not even a ‘real’ golden. Rumor has it that he had some chow.

I don’t. Instead of chow, I have papers. I know what papers are, because Mommis puts them outside my crate and makes me pee on them. Then she says I’m a good boy,so I wanna pee on those papers all day long. But the papers I came with —  Mommis won’t let me pee on those.. Paula the Breeder told her to mail them somewhere to register me on something, but Mommis said this isn’t important. What’s important is for me to be healthy and happy.

I was born on March 30, the day Buppy the Puppy I died. So I am a manifestation, although Mommis’s friend Fred thinks Mommis is a real looney for saying this.

Mommis doesn’t seem looney to me. She is full of systems. She picked me up on Friday, and she had a plan: day one, physical security; day 2, potty on the papers (except the ones she should mail) and day3, interpersonal relations with the other dogs in this pack. There are four. Her systems exhaust me. I’m gonna take a little nap.

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