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I’m a quick learner

I got out the dog door last night. Mommis thought I couldn’t so she didn’t try to look for me there. She kept saying I was lost. I was on the back patio. But maybe I was lost because I didn’t know how to get back in. And now I can’t remember how to get out.

But I’ve learned how to spend the night in jail in the living room without crying, and I’ve found a place I like sleeping. Mommis must live in a mansion, because I keep getting ‘bewildered in the wilds of the living room” as Uncle Max says.

Uncle Dan came over this morning with a pile of newspapers. He gets very fancy newspapers. And I get to pee on Sheriff Arpaio’s face and vacations in Switzerland. This morning Mommis mopped and I got to chase the mop. I thought it tasted good, but she said it was dirty.

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