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I Leapt off Mommis’ Bed

And it was higher than I thought! I did a big belly flop. And then I tried to get up on the sofa and didn’t make it. But I was so-o-o close.
I know how to come when she calls me but I don’t always do it because I don’t want her to feel too powerful. It’s like when she puts that rope on me, I don’t like to follow her; I like to go my own way. 
But on balance I feel like she is really getting trained quickly. She now knows that if she takes me out after meal, I will Pee and poop outside and not on those stupid papers. She will learn. She will also learn that I won’t stand for being crated too often.
Also sometimes I miss the papers because if I put my front legs on them my back legs sometimes hang off, because I’ve grown. I forget I’ve grown because I think I was big from the beginning.

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