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I Made it to the Bed

I finally made the cut. You only get on Mommis’s bed when you can be trusted not to bite her or to pee on the bedspread. I’ve been up here a lot today and I learned how to get down by myself.
And look at this! Mommis went to the car wash and they found all these balls what when they vacuumed it. I can’t wait to get my teeth in those baseballs.

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Taylor is my friend. But I guess he was Dog the Bruce ‘s friend first, and now he wants to play with both of us. We don’t want him right now; he’s so big that he ruins the game! He also isn’t sure how to get into the action.

How do I tell him that I DO love him; I just don’t want to play with him right now.

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Digging to China

By the time I get my fourth parvo shot and can go off the property I will have explored every inch of the backyard with Uncle Taylor and my big brother Sammy.

To get I’m shape for the park, in my spare time, I’m digging my way to China. I know that’s a long term strategy, but every journey starts with a single step, right?  ​ My front legs will be in great shape. I’ll have to figure out how to work on my hinds. Maybe dancing?

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If Sharing is Caring

​Then Trina doesn’t care for me. All these toys are mine. Mommies said so. Trina tries to play with them and she breaks them. It’s pretty damn difficult being the youngest in a household of 5 dogs and a visiting retriever.

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It has taken me a while to win these people I live with over to liking me. One of them, Tucker, still snaps at me.

Trina was my first friend, because she’s the second youngest. And Taylor loved me because I’m a golden.

Today Trina and Taylor and I were playing and having the greatest time in the living room and I finally felt like I fit in. Juan, the therapist, came this morning and set me straight on this heeling thing, and you can’t believe how relieved I am to know finally how to please Mommis by doing it right.

But of course I forgot to be vigilant about the potty training thing. That man yelling “no Buppy” at the end? That’s Max the videographer, calling my attention to the fact that I had started to pee on the living room floor. He grabbed me up and took me outside, and that was the end of that play date.