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The Great Outdoors

So I’m still under house arrest until I get my third parvo shot,  but now I can walk on a leash in front of the house up to the corner. I am desperately trying to heel, so why when I walk between her heels or on them does she keep saying “heel?” Doesn’t she know I’m already doing it?

I love these purple flowers and we have a whole tree of them.
See how cool it is under here?


There’s lots of leaves, and sometimes I eat them. They’re not really good, but they’re chewy.
I’m hiding under here. It’s shady.


The best part of my day is when I explore the back yard. We have this big tree that is full of purple flowers, and I like to hide under it. Today I found a baseball under there. And only Bruce and I can really get under it, because the other boys and Trina are all too big.

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